weekend wonders.

the wonders of my weekend [+ maybe a couple days before that I forgot to write about]…

  • au revoir to my dearest @ the airport on sunday after a sleepless night in mississauga – dinner at Tako Sushi, raiding my friend’s basement for PS3 entertainment (*cough time crisis 4), monopoly (HK version – for me to learn about HK, of course!), early-birthday surprise with mango mousse cake + assorted french macarons, “boiling” Heart’s Greed chinese drama, Talladega Nights movie.. and a trip to YYZ at 6:30AM
  • dimsum with MC, AT, WT, EN, KW ;) and then raiding BH’s house  in thee afternoon – started to watch this travel show on visiting Vietnam … rather interesting! my list of things to eat there is growing !!!
  • phoenix with some simsums for late night snacks and conversations
  • karaoke with the girls =] sushi at this place called Akina Sushi – food was pretty good, service was not so much… ginger ice cream is not good !!! flashback discussions about elementary school .. oh my!
  • randomly testing the t1i daily :) it’s going well… much to learn still !!! a couple shots below…

I love you, babe =] *muahahahah

weekend wonders.

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