the REBEL in me ;)

after weeks of research, patience, indecisiveness, and talking to my photographer-junkie friends… I finally decided on making my DSLR purchase, at a sweet price (price-match, you are a god-sent!) … voila CANON REBEL T1i !!! welcome to thee family – I’m ready to love you =*)

super duper excited to get my hands on my first DSLR … it literally feels like I’ve been waiting for the longest time – always sort of worrying about the $ as it is an “investment”… or not being skilled enough to really be that “into” photography… etc. whatever the excuses were before  – well no more! I can’t wait to shoot… even if I just have the 18-55mm IS lens right now, I’m uber excited to take my passion to new heights (man… I think I sound rather lame!) but I guess over the years, photography has only grown on me more and more.

test shots to come soon =] right after I figure out how to work this thing …

the REBEL in me ;)

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