family fun.

Saturday – Ventured to Centre Island with thee girls + TL … early morning. started off great with someone sleeping in – HA! but he made it (yes.. !) and then someone getting stung by a wasp (poor IM) … but it was smooth sailing the rest of the day. (randomly bumped into KL at the ferry dock!) Ferry ride to the island, reminiscing old times on a kiddie roller coaster (with ML scared for her life!)… venturing to the nudist beach (or lack thereof) jks! feeling the BEST sand beneath our toes… wandering around a hidden maze on the island… umm… sharing a greasy pepperoni pizza with good friends (while avoiding bees) and watching TL pet every animal possible at the petting farm… fyi – ducks bite. dinner at Elephant Castle with more girls later that evening… splendid reunion. Ended off with frozen yogurt at Blush Berry =] (oh, I missed you so) and watching firefighters take a coffee break next to us at Starbucks.. oh yes *wink

Sunday – Canadian National Exhibition (or better known as C.N.E) so exhausted from the previous day already… all I remember is indulging in Tiny Tom donuts, having my favourite flipflop shoes break on me – forcing me to randomly pick up new sandals… trying those feet massage machines that were everywhere on the CNE grounds for 25 cents!… “THE FOOD BUILDING…” where I had my first try of Montreal Smoked Meat (this was orgasmic!), watching some random dad win 7 times at that bowling game where you roll the bowling ball over this ramp.. and if it stays, in the hump, you win… and being disappointed that DOMO was a prize this year at the EX and I left without one :( … OH and random bump in with AL and KK at the Casino – WHOA!

Photos from the weekend found elsewhere… I’m sure if you look hard enough you’ll be able to find it.

14-days until I fly… too excited for words :)

family fun.

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