Whenever it’s someone’s birthday… you always hear people say something about becoming older and wiser. I always wondered why… but I think I get it now. It seems that with each passing year.. life becomes more and more complicated. Be it relationships, career decisions, family issues, etc… Virtually nothing is ever just black and white or as ‘straight-forward’ as it seems. There’s are two sides to every story.¬†Everything becomes shades of grey.. and the “best” decision.. might not always be the most moral or ethical one… and what you do and what you say is almost situational.

There’s no handbook on how to “grow-up” … you sort of just learn along the way and I guess, that’s the scary part. “Adulthood”…. *shiver…. The uncertainty of it all and not knowing what to expect next is what make life … what it is? Which is why I commend people who can actually say they live life to the fullest everyday – I know for a fact that I don’t live with that attitude, everyday. Something I am hoping to change…

Have you ever heard something you’re not supposed to? And then your imagination went wild about what you heard… and it changed your perspective on the people who were involved… If yes, how do you UNDO that in your mind? And pretend you heard nothing at all? Sigh.


2 thoughts on “age.

  1. Vincent says:

    haha ya.. I totally agree with your post.. life just gets more complicated as time goes by…
    As for your last paragraph.. when you find out how to UNDO that in my mind let me know you can help me out..
    but something else i’ve learned.. friends forever kinda thing might not be so true anymore… maybe its one in one million kinda thing but I am having doubts on that philosphy sorry ranting on your site =p

    1. haahaa I wasn’t exactly talking about friends… but I appreciate your two cents =)
      I’m a believer that forever friends exists ^^ hopefully, you’ll change your mind someday!

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