Went to the driving range for the first time this summer/year with friends… and after “driving” a jumbo bucket of balls between the four of us… I woke up with my arms feeling terribly numb this morning! Apparently, I chose a really bad “driver” or club (whatever)… with like barely any grip left on it.. because I got the worst blisters ever :( my skin actually peeled ><” eeek. p.s. I suck at golfing because I keep missing the ball… however, it just feels so good to SWING! therefore, I shall not hate golf… one day.. I’ll golf on a real golf course with 18-holes and you’ll see me driving a golf cart. muahaha XD

Then, Oasis with HS friends again in the evening… oh it’s been a while since we sat at a table together and gabbed over fob magazines… =]

OH – and I finally got a call about my start-date for full-time work: October 18th =] so excited! I have basically 5-days to recover from jet-lag from my trip. ^^ Can’t wait !!!


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