in the mood for love

I came across this entry tonight on a food blog ( that spoke about the movie “In The Mood For Love” starring Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung … I’ve heard of it a few times, but never took the time to watch it.

Wow – never realized until now how exquisite Maggie Cheung looks – so completely flawless and sensual :) she sort of takes your breath away…

Love the “feel” of the movie… puts you in a nostalgic sort of mood. Cinematic magic – the colours, the music, the camera angles…  So much chemistry between the Tony and Maggie. Subtlety is amazing throughout the film, the glances, the words not spoken, etc. it seems it’s more important to pay attention to what the characters don’t say than what the actual dialogue is on-screen. Storyline is intriguing from the beginning to the end… Lovely, is an understatement – an instant favourite.

in the mood for love

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