rain or shine.

  • early morning started off with a signature Mcdonald’s hashbrown …
  • ventured to Ashbridges Bay/Woodbine Beach for some v-ball
  • lunched at Busker’s Sea Cove in St. Lawrence Market – yummy Calamari + Halibut fish & chips
  • explored Liberty Village for the first time (http://www.blogto.com/libertyvillage) with friends and they tried For the Love of Cake … where they have the “Four Dimensional Cupcake” – aka. cupcakes with filling (http://www.blogto.com/bakery/for-the-love-of-cake-toronto)
  • next, chilled out at IL’s house … with some Time Crisis 4 action
  • off to Markham for dinner + desserts…  Singapore Chicken Rice for me :) YUM!
  • long ride home in the rainstorm … pooped, but it was a wonderful time!

Snapped a few photos of the custom cakes & cupcakes at “For the Love of Cake” … (excuse the quality… it was dark.. no flash… off the c905!)

*on a separate note:
dear friend,
I wish you all the best with your endeavours :)
It was good to see you again.
I too, expect great things from you!
keep in touch! ^^

rain or shine.

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