Most of the friends that know me well… also know that I like to keep “busy” most of the time. I dislike being “idle” … and it actually takes more effort for me to “relax” … so this past week or so has been slightly tough – I mean, the whole getting used to having so much free time to do what I want, when I want, etc. which most of the time I just go “hmmm….” For the most part, it’s been fun seeing old friends and spending time with family :) Let’s hope this goodness continues.

So today was rather eventful (yay!) though it started off with an unpleasant wake-up call… Lunch for the first time at AXIA ( pretty good, I liked the interior decor, sorta even though they had a big fake tree in the middle of it…

Exhibit A:

Then, shopped around Erin Mills Town Centre for a bit for the first time in years…

Then, headed back to Streetsville to try the famous cupcakes from Swirls ( and I bought three cupcakes – Red Velvet, Marbleous Swirl, and Cookies and Dream. They weren’t as spectacular as I expected them to be *disappointed* especially since they’re supposed to be “the best cupcakes in Toronto” … maybe I’m just not a huge cupcake fan?

Exhibit B:

Then, after dinner went to shop at Square One with my sister and ran some errands… And ended off the night with some hot, honey + lemon at Oasis with old friends.

off to the beach tomorrow :)

P.S dear weather man, I pray that you’re wrong about the RAIN forecast for tomorrow… *crosses fingers

teehee … c’est moi:


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