oh summer festivities

Have you ever had one of those moments where you pass someone on the streets and they look so familiar to you in that instance, but you can’t quite put your finger on where you’ve seen them before? I had this random moment yesterday downtown T.O when I crossed paths with this girl who I thought was this blogger/flickr member who I follow daily… only to realize when I came home to check her profile that she lives in Austrialia. haahaa and in my head, when I thought it was her I was like “omg it’s ________ (insert her screen name)” +___+”

Went downtown with my mom yesterday and shopped a bit and went to this appointment with her … I miss being downtown. It’s so lively compared to even the busiest part of Mississauga – Square One + area … Weehee did some shopping at ZARA !!! I think I went into the change room 4x … and only ended up getting one thing! But oh-so-happy anyways because I’ve decided that I’m only going to buy things from now on that I LOVEEE.

Anyways thought I’d share there’s an interesting festival happening this Friday at the Harbourfront Centre … called the “Fortune Cooking Food Festival” (check it out: http://www.harbourfrontcentre.com/worldroutes2010/fortunecooking.cfm) Apparently Chef Martin Yan will be there, I used to watch his show all the time … and thought his cooking was stellar ;) Would be rather awesome if I got to see him cook in person…

And the Canadian National Exhibition (C.N.E)  (http://www.theex.com/) is opening this THURSDAY – I’m going this year for sure !!! (hopefully!) I haven’t been for years … I used to go every year with family … then sort of grew out of it… but I’m a big fan of the “Living Centre” where they have a building introducing new products – consumer goods ;)

oh summer festivities

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