FRIDAY 13th weekend.


There’s something about me and the tendency of loving shots like this one above. Maybe it’s the hustle and bustle of the urban environment or the idea of people crossing paths along a crosswalk or intersection that intrigues me – I guess sometimes you never know whether or not the people who later play a bigger role in your life is actually someone you’ve come across before … and maybe never noticed. Life’s sort of funny like that …

Weekend Adventures:

Let’s start off with saying what a busy weekend! Saturday night was FUN. Met up with some friends downtown T.O and partied the night away at bar224 and rockwood night club. I’m actually surprised that the shoes I bought two weeks ago were comfortable (for the most part) good buy after all. Thanks for a memorable night folks! P.S Cab driver – you still scare me … never again! =_____=”

Sunday was dim sum (yay!) with the family + ML at Perfect Kitchen (yummy!), shopping at Heartland, trapped in the middle of the pouring thunderstorm… but saw a rainbow for the first time in a long time. So pretty! I wish I had my camera on me for a capture… =( Then, celebrations were in order for a dual-surprise dinner/bash for BC (H22BD!) and KL (farewell to Rome for a year!) at Earl’s Restaurant + TT’s house … nice to see some familiar faces again. I had my signature Santa Fe Chicken Salad at Earl’s again – It’s the only thing I order there, anytime and every time I have a meal there because I was instantly in love with it the first time my manager introduced it to me. I’m glad that Earl’s has great consistency in preparing this dish for me every time, but maybe next time I go I’ll order something else for a change … because you never know if there might be something else better out there on the menu that I have yet to indulge in…

In the mean time – dear DSLR camera, I’m searching for you. It’s hard to search when I’m still not 100% convinced what I want or what I’m looking for. maybe I just need to take the plunge… blah blah blah.

FRIDAY 13th weekend.

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