(500) days of summer

“Colour my life with the chaos of trouble…”

Finally – saw this movie for the first time … much delayed! loved it so much =]  What great characters, so much chemistry – Zooey Dechanel & Joseph Gordon-Levitt are lovely together… I also recently watched – P.S I Love You and When In Rome – both pretty good movies!

Can’t believe that it’s Friday night already…
This week just flew by!

Let’s see I played some badminton yesterday night – definitely missed it – got it re-gripped! Met up with an old friend and chatted all afternoon ^^ Looking forward to doing this more with good friends. Spent some quality time with mommy dearest, trying to search for some more luggage to buy on our big trip and was super excited about getting my Holga 120mm film developed, only to discover that the only place in Mississauga that does it can no longer process this type of film – disappointed. Did some more camera shopping … confused as ever what I want :( …. must make a decision soon! Oh and started to become addicted to watching my TVB dramas – heehee! =]

(500) days of summer

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