the good life

“home sweet home” – I usually say this every 4-months when I move back home from another school term.. but this time I’m saying it for the last time. It’s a strange kind of feeling moving home “for good” – wow, 4-years just flew by. It’s really surreal that I’m one report submission away from completing my honours BBA :) *jumps for joy…

but anyways… today consisted of packing stuff up to bring home and unpacking it all again back home +___+ I’m amazed every time I unpack how much stuff I manage to move in every term. I’m beginning to think that I should never shop again because over the years, you don’t realize it, but you end up accumulating a lot of “stuff” … which reminds me of an interesting article AT recommended (rather insightful!): – oh and of course, my day ended off with window shopping at heartland with ML (no, I did not make any purchases ah-ha!), having my last frappé classic at Matter of Taste in Waterloo, a trip to T&T with the family… and watching the Miss. Hong Kong 2010 pageant on TV (muah this is considered… “family bonding”)

on a separate note: I’m so excited for what’s to come the rest of the year… for the next couple of weeks, I will be able to finally experience some summer loving with family and friends without having to worry about deadlines and midterms. Then, I can continue this “relaxation” mode on my vacation^^ … haahaa haven’t even begun to do any research on my travels – I should probably start soon? and THEN, post-vacation mode… it’s the commencement of my entrance into the “work life” phase… I’m still waiting on my start date! but until then…

SEPTEMBER 13th – you’re circled in RED on my calendar… can’t wait.

stay tuned … ;)

p.s. some JOE magic … snazzzy – photoshoot with details magazine, I like.

the good life

5 thoughts on “the good life

      1. haine says:

        Yeah i’m gone. Until I finish the test… or at least until I finish work (whatever made me believe that working and studying at the same time is a good idea I’ll never know). There’s not a lot of time left for the amount of stuff still left to study. I’m going a bit psychotic and crazy. Yup it’s all a frenzy now..

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