tako sushi

I went and tried Tako Sushi today with my dear old friend :)  and despite the chaotic environment, it’s pretty good – surprisingly enough. We ended up sitting at a teppanyaki table because there was no waiting time and gosh, I must say the chef was rather entertaining. We tried both their lobster sashimi  and their strip loin lunch ($20 bill – good deal with their grand opening discount of 20% off). Lobster sashimi was very good – my first time having it and the strip loin was delicious.

We ended up with (one of) if not “thee” head chef and he was pretty entertaining because he clearly demonstrated “customer preference.” One of the waiters ended up taking down an order wrong (or something of that nature) and there was this big misunderstanding or argument between the chef and this Philippine  family… and we just so happen to be on the same “side” as this family that the chef now despised. Basically, when the chef did any tricks, while he cooked, it was on the other side of the table, as he murmured resentful remarks about a particular lady and “dishonesty” in Cantonese… haahaa! He randomly sang in multiple languages and performed a card magic trick for us – HA! Oh but we randomly each got a piece of black cod when it was cooked by mistake! mmm very yummy!

20% discount goes until August 12th – http://www.takosushi.ca/

tako sushi

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