toy story 3

FINALLY got around to seeing toy story 3 tonight! and absolutely loved it!

when I worked at Disney for my first co-op over 2 years ago there was already so much buzz about this movie and idea generation on what they would do in the Canadian market to make a “splash” at the box office :) So it’s really nice to finally see the movie after all this time. Great, heartfelt storyline… entertaining as always. New characters were a delight, particularly the scenes with Ken and Barbie! (oh and SPANISH speaking buzz lightyear was too funny!) Definitely loved the Totaro cameo :) Yes… I almost teared at the end of the movie, what a touching scene. Oh and this was probably my first 3D movie since 5+ years ago… I guess they  no longer use those like blue/red paper glasses anymore? HA~! This was such an improvement to that spy kids movie I saw in 3D… gosh… ><“

toy story 3

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