ok. it’s 4:05AM to be exact… but here are my thoughts at this very moment:

  • I am anticipating my left jaw to hurt tomorrow because that is my weird biological reaction when I don’t get enough sleep. Yep, I will be getting… 4.5ish hours before I attend my 10AM class – bummer!
  • I need an ADVENTURE. Let’s underline and bold that for emphasis sake.
  • It’s nice to know that even on your good or bad days, you can always count on a good friend to randomly check-in on you and offer a random *hug* <3 thanks shrinkie
  • I can be controlling – wow. I sincerely apologize … but I assure you this part of me actually doesn’t come out too often, so be rest assured.
  • When you say something like, “I wish things would go back to the way they were.” Chances are, they never will again. Two words for me: Grow-Up.
  • ML freaked me out randomly on the street today as we were exiting our house.. I was holding my laptop in one hand and coffee cup in another, when she randomly screamed BLARGHHH or something like that and which I responded with a loud shriek AHHHHHH. I laughed and threatened to kill her or seek revenge because I almost spilled coffee on myself and dropped my laptop – luckily, neither happened. Plus, there were several random students walking in front of us that turned around to give us the “why.. are you screaming?” look… *sigh. But, despite it all, this is my favourite memory of today. (now ML … just don’t do it again!)
  • I hope tomorrow’s presentation goes well *crosses fingers* – this is for all the marbles!
  • Expectations … this word is so much more fun when you spell it like: “EGGSPECTATIONS” (ignore the restaurant reference, I haven’t heard good things about it…) sigh, and apparently according to a quote expectations is what drives hurt which subsequently leads to pain and followed by hatred. It all makes sense now.

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