2AM + 公主病了

As much as I love you dear Neocitran, why must you keep me up at this hour? Although, I must admit, the cough suppressants work wonders (at least for a few hours before I want to cough my lungs out again…ack!)

My friend’s in HK for two weeks, but he shared 古巨基’s new CD with me, which might I add is AWESOME, particularly because there’s a song about a princess being sick … *points at self… but I think so far my favourite track might be: 鑽石敗犬 *nods

Today was one of those days where I felt like I never stopped working.
At least I know from 6PM to about well now – my butt has been glued to the chair working on two major reports due this week… sigh, at least I can see the light at the end of this dark tunnel – it’s getting closer… ever so slightly *whew*

On the good end of things my family gave me a ring tonight and let me know that dad will be joining us on our big Asia trip :) So, it’s actually a family vacation after years and years of hibernating in North America… I hope it’s the first and not the last time we get to travel together ^^

Anyways… what am I doing now? *searching for the right words…. sometimes it’s hard to put how we feel into combinations of 26 letters… I shall let my heart be my guide.

2AM + 公主病了

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