dear B.M.H…

body: sorry for the constant torture with the inconsistent meal times, the lack of exercise, the occasional fast-food indulgence, and the sleep deprivation – I know you’re suffering a lot these days, but hang in there, okay? don’t give up on me now… less than a month to go before the end of the school term and I’ll make sure to pamper you just a little afterwards  :) right now, I need you to function properly and endure! (especially you *points that the immune system* … please defend against these germs!) remember: neocitran is your friend – play nice!

mind: sorry for bombarding you with a million thoughts 24/7. you’ve had it rough lately. not only is it school and deadlines, details about the trip, but everything else in between… and it sucks to function off of only 6-hours (sometimes less) of rest/sleep… I feel awful doing this to you, night after night… but why won’t you shut off when I want you to? sigh, like right now at 3AM in the morning… you’re still wide awake moving at lightning speeds and going off on tangents that are irrelevant… sometimes I feel like I have no control over you at all… come on, cooperate already!

lastly, to my heart: it feels like forever since we’ve last had a meaningful conversation – oops. I know you’ve been battered and bruised, but stay strong :) so long as you keep beating, I’ll do everything in my power to listen to you with an open mind and act accordingly… as hard as it is sometimes to get you to open up and spell things out bluntly, I think we’ve come a long way. eventually… i’m sure i’ll be able to figure you out again and know exactly what you want… but for now, please know that at the end of each and every day, how you feel is priority to me. so, I thank you for being candid and honest, that’s exactly what i need =]

dear B.M.H…

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