sick again – blah.
I fully jinxed myself by thinking just a few days ago, “hey, I haven’t been sick for a while!” stupid me…
I hate swallowing pills – let that be known as a fact…
but… I forgot my tylenol at home =( so drugless in Waterloo not good…
cheeks are now permanently red – not sure if it’s just from being really “yeet hey” because my throat also hurts.. or if it’s a burn from a day in the sunshine yesterday… sigh.
and lots of work to do for the rest of the weekend…
yep… just need to suck it up and try to get some sleep.
I knew this whole sleeping only 6 hours a night thing would come back and bite me…
oh and apparently, I can be sort of a bitch when I’m sick – I apologize in advance, if I happen to rub you the wrong way.


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