a long post.

sorry folks – to the “regulars” that were visiting these past couple of days and saw no updates :( this summer term is keeping me busy busy busy, unfortunately!

the past weekend was eventful:

  • Summerlicious with IL at Bar Italia (http://www.bar-italia.ca/) highly recommend the Seafood Risotto if you go here for dinner :) disappointed with the dessert, but enjoyed the atmosphere – College St. is kind of nice!
  • Trekked to Dessert Trends downtown the evening after Summerlicious (http://www.desserttrends.ca/) highly recommended to satisfy your sweet tooth – although their desserts are premium priced @ $6-6.50 a piece
  • Dinner at Perfect Kitchen for dad’s birthday as mentioned below :)
  • Studying for most of the weekend on my 30% midterm (p.s. which I’m certain I just bombed!! UGH!) and a 40% commercialization paper that the prof extended the deadline to August 28th last minute
  • Saved the best piece of news for last: BOOKED MY FLIGHTS =] finally… my first time out of North America. Hello Asia !!! Will be traveling for the first time to Vietnam, Hong Kong, and China with my family :) Gone for about 30-days, soooo excited – September 9th couldn’t come any sooner…..!!! *Can I fast forward and bypass the rest of the term….please?

Photos – ENJOY!

P.S. A flickr member that I’ve followed for quite some time has an awesome blog. Lovin’ the content :) Definitely talented in her photography^^ Do check it out~! http://lingeredupon.blogspot.com/

P.P.S Great blog I came across a few days ago with AWESOME illustrations: http://stuffnoonetoldme.blogspot.com/

a long post.

3 thoughts on “a long post.

  1. iris ma says:

    HOOOOOOH I’m so excite for you too man ! Your first trip out of North America XD You gonna have SO MUCH FUN !
    Remember to bring many packs of tissue when you go to washrooms !

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