the universe loves you.

I’m going to steal the tagline from my dear friend that recently wrote a note on facebook about how sometimes things just happen for a ‘reason…’ I mean, you might not understand why at that particular moment in time, but maybe there are some uncontrollable forces that are acting upon us without our consent. I know it’s a little bit cheesy, but I’m still a believer in fate and karma.

There are moments when I feel like life’s really weighing me down. And a quick look at my calendar with all the dates marked in a red “urgent” for projects/midterm deadlines, just makes my head spin. But at the end of the day, I really think we need to remind ourselves not to be so critical about the ‘small things.’ Things usually have a way of working out… So, keep your chin up and stay classy. =) Thanks AT.

the universe loves you.

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