57th Int’l Advertising Festival

No wonder I’ve been coming across an excessive # of impressive ads that have like surfaced lately on this one youtube channel… they’re all shortlisted from the 57th international advertising festival this year (or better known as the Cannes Lions) More information here: http://www.canneslions.com/

On a spectacular note: congratulations to my dear PepsiCo and the Tropicana team for bringing back a GOLD for in the Film category for the Arctic Sun :) I didn’t get a chance to work on this campaign with BBDO directly, but so proud of the team when it was “in the works” during my Fall term. It was an amazing final product – so inspirational!

Btw the grand prix went to Old Spice commercial :) *claps* personal favourite!

Other winners: Diesel for the Outdoors category on that Smart/Stupid campaign I blogged about a few weeks ago! Toyota won for the Design category by creating a new IQ font with the tracks of their new IQ car… neat!

I would love to go watch this award show one day in the future… It would feel like attending the Oscars to me! :D

On a separate note, finally (finally… *jumps) getting my 35mm film from my DIANA camera developed this weekend. Half prints will be in my hands possibly late next week… *prays that I get at least one decent shot out of the pack! I’ll be a happy camper if so !!!

57th Int’l Advertising Festival

4 thoughts on “57th Int’l Advertising Festival

    1. :) go buy some TERRY !!!! help us increase that market share… hahaha.. give me some job security! muahaa.

      glad you liked it! I love their music selection for that spot :D

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