I need to stop doing:

  • sleeping past 2AM every night :( and only getting 6 hours of sleep daily…
  • cracking my neck when I’m uber tired from sitting/staring at my computer all day
  • being only 70% efficient with my time (approximately?)
  • compulsively check email/facebook/tumblr

I need to start doing:

  • sleeping EARLY and waking up early – let’s say “develop a routine!”
  • taking my Vitamin D pills daily… because I have a tendency to forget and I have a feeling my doctor will probably yell at me the next time I see her – eek!
  • increase my daily intake of fruits :)
  • drinking more WATER.
  • learning to cook something other than stir-fry
  • sticking to schedules that I set for myself
  • going to the gym again !!!

There’s probably more I could add to either lists – but this will do for now :)
The first step to change is recognition, right?


6 thoughts on “things.

  1. haine says:

    70% productivity is good… it’s better than my 60%…

    As for water… I used to make a chart for myself, so sad. Oddly it worked because I felt satisfied everytime I got to make a little check next to each day. LOL.

    1. haahaa I should consider doing this chart.. because then I’ll actually feel bad if I realize that I’ve had only ONE cup of water a day or something… :P but it’s going well so far with a mental note to self!

      my 70% was definitely an overstatement… :(

  2. I’m reading through this post, and your thoughts sound EXACTLY like mine! Except the cooking part. People say I’m an awesome cook! Jks! I wouldn’t mind trying your stir-fry though!

    1. Haahaa well I made extra pasta if you’d like some :P that isn’t stir-fry… but I assure you it’s rather yummy (if I do say so myself…)

      P.S I do need to try your cooking still! did we not joke about a cook-off? XD

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