never say no to panda

haahaa I never thought I’d think of a PANDA in a threatening/negative light – well, until now.

These spots aren’t even in English, but how they are just superbly entertaining – what a way to raise brand awareness!
I love how it’s like this soft, retro, music in the background that zooms into the panda’s “innocent” facial expression… until BAM the act of evilness…

btw – so I recorded a video to say “Happy Canada Day” to everyone who follows my blog and for some reason I can’t seem to upload via wordpress (says it’s an incompatible file?) and the video audio/visual didn’t pair up when I tried to upload via YouTube :( boo. There must be something wrong with the formatting of my webcam or something like that with my built-in microphone. But anyways, hope everyone out there is enjoying their long weekend! :D

never say no to panda

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