dear future me

from an email I sent myself a year ago to arrive today: June 28th, 2010 to mark an important date that happened three weeks ago from this date one year ago *complicated much…

just an excerpt I wanted to share…

“Congratulations.” Because I am certain that you have moved on with your life. You are almost done University, with only 2 months left to go before you take an adventure of a lifetime with your best friends – wherever that may be. I just want to remind you that you deserve to go… Remember, that life is short and there are blessings in your life that you should never forget. For one, smile for you have a wonderful support network that will be there for you thick or thin…”

How timely – I was just discussing a trip with ML yesterday… I guess the “me” from the past knew I needed a push to go somewhere.

dear future me

4 thoughts on “dear future me

  1. You’re not the only person who’s reached a point in their life where…oh wait, you get to travel?! Jealous! Jks! I’m happy for you!

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