I’ve been listening to a few songs on repeat for the past couple of days… David Tao’s 爱我还是他 and Kay Tse’s 雨過天陰. Old songs, but once in a while they’re just so lovely :)

Today, I cooked up a storm. Skinned chicken breast for the first time (off you go fat & bones)… I’m strange, I definitely enjoyed this too much! Made soup with the chicken bones & this Chinese cabbage :) then did a stir-fry with the chicken breast with zucchini and broccoli. yummy~! I’m glad I’m getting a hang of cooking this semester, I think it’s become a pretty good past-time to relieved some mental stress and tension in me. I’m pretty content while I’m cooking and typically, very focused! Maybe I shall do some more cooking during the rest of the weeks I have left here in Waterloo :)

Don’t people surprise you sometimes?
The good, the bad, the ugly.

NTS: Need to stop going shopping… ahhhh I’ve purchased from H&M, Hollister, La Senza, Victoria Secret’s PINK, etc. all this past week. Eeek. Need to save $$$ for my Asia trip shopping…. :)


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