in a dream world…

I wouldn’t be sitting here summarizing a 28 page article…

Instead, I would be somewhere along the streets of Toronto in search of the best eateries.. or my beloved French Macaroons… snapping a photo here and there (whenever something intriguing catches my eye) and stopping at local cafes to indulge in a perfect latte. I miss rooftop gardens :(

Ugh. damn you summer term for sucking up all my time and making me sleep deprived… there’s no end to this madness  SAVE ME!!! sigh… August 11th could not come any sooner~!

Bleh – had another twisted dream yesterday night… maybe the dreamworld is trying to tell me something? But you know what? I’m going to turn the other cheek, this definitely isn’t worth my time anymore.

p.s. dear life – please leave me the #$%^ alone. thanks… in dire need to get away from it all. >=(

in a dream world…

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