Even after a rather uneventful and stressful week of school – the latter half of the week didn’t disappoint! :)

Thursday – home sweet home, splendid home-made Viet dinner courtesy of mommy, practiced driving again in the evening, met up with some simsums for some dessert and good conversations (apparently, I need to watch this movie called Splice, so I can understand what a chicken/bunny/girl looks like!)

Friday – early morning, practice with my driving instructor… and successfully passed my G test on the first try. I felt so on-top-of-the-world *teehee thanks to everyone for their congrats ^^ finally, huge worrisome weight off my shoulders, plus a nicer looking piece of ID… then back to Waterloo in the afternoon! ML & GY surprised me with lobster to celebrate with me for passing :) woohoo thanks lovelies. It was super yummy!!

SBE gradball – A Night of A Thousand Stars :)

Got all dolled up for a splendid night with my fellow Class of 2010… nice to see everyone again! & a big congratulations to all those that had their convocation on Friday too! =] I cannot wait to be an official “alumni” come October… heehee! How was the night? Food was actually, surprisingly, very good… especially the cream sauce to go with the chicken and veggies. We had this raspberry truffle cake for dessert – very good! So the night was awesome, minus the DJ who sucked because he kept playing old/slow songs that nobody wanted to dance to… photos to come! :D

P.S – FIFA’s World Cup started as well and I’m without a TV … *online streaming it is! boo to the England VS. USA match… tied! :(

P.P.S – Updated fotologue: http://fotologue.jp/dee-elle/


2 thoughts on “EXCITEMENT :)

  1. mich says:

    whaha… congrats! I still need to get mine… why is my date so retarded and late!? Alyssa said I can get it in a week if I go to Oakville but… blah what if I give up my date and can’t get oakville either.. blah. haha

    And i take it you heard aggie’s “summary” on Splice.. hahaha…

    1. thanks!!! :) when does your G2 expire? I suggest doing it as early as possible! are you before july 1st? cuz apparently all the people who’s license got expired from the “strike” they have to get it before that deadline… I’d imagine a surge of people getting their G2/G by then….
      I’ve heard good/bad things about the Brampton/Oakville site.. but if you can go on a weekday there will be less people! :D GOODLUCK..
      p.s. yes aggie told us about the splice move… WTF was my first comments and HUH hahahahah

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