& here’s a mishmash of thoughts

An ode to random thoughts due to a series of events this past week or two..

When Diesel’s “Be Stupid” campaign came out (http://www.diesel.com/be-stupid#), I thought… OK interesting approach here, but never quite gave it much attention. But recently I gave it another look and it actually grew on me a little. They’ve been able to bring the “idea” of being stupid to life through multiple simple sayings, such as “Smart listens to the head. Stupid listens to the heart” or ‘Smart may have the brains, but Stupid has the balls” and “Stupid might fail. Smart doesn’t even try” that resonate well with their targeted consumer. Goes along the motto of  – Don’t Think. Just Do. I’m relating to this advertising campaign because I just had a random moment remembering that some of the BEST times I’ve had were probably some of the moments where I thought about my actions the least! (of course, there are exceptions – nothing illegal!)

I miss getting piggyback rides :) thanks ML/WT … for reminding me that I’m as light as a feather *cough HA~!

Sometimes love can make someone do stupid things.
Even when the intentions might be genuine – your approach and execution may steer you towards the other direction when perceived by the object of your affection. At the end of the day, we must remember that love can so easily ‘bring us up and take us down’ in a heartbeat – yep, it’s a cruel world, but what can you really do about it?

Happy belated birthday S.Chow :) to one of my dearest friends who knows no boundaries when it comes to spreading kindness in this world, I hope you had an amazing one because you surely deserved it! :D

And a moment from yesterday’s celebrations made me think of Katy Perry’s song – “I Kissed a Girl”  – muahaha for obvious reasons

Oh dear best friend – who am I going to spin crazily fast on those stools/chairs when you’re gone? *tear

A friend recently posed an interesting question to me… they asked if I had to choose between LOVE and my CAREER right now what would I choose. I was trying to be smart and said well those things aren’t mutually exclusive (I shouldn’t have to pick one over the other at a given point in time) and said I’d want both! :) But I guess hypothetically speaking… IF I really had to choose between the two and what I wanted to focus on right now I chose CAREER. Not sure if it was a really surprising decision, but I’ve always been ambitious and especially with almost being done with my undergraduate degree, aspiring towards my dream career seems to be playing out the way I wanted. Was it really cynical of me to also refer to a quote that I read one day: “Remember, your career is never going to wake-up next to you one day and say they don’t love you anymore.” HA! I’m not pessimistic about love, romance and the whole sha-bang, I would like to just (as quoted from a very wise and important person in my life) “follow my heart and act accordingly.”


& here’s a mishmash of thoughts

2 thoughts on “& here’s a mishmash of thoughts

  1. “Remember, your career is never going to wake-up next to you one day and say they don’t love you anymore”

    Well, looking at the unemployment rate and all the downsizing thats been going on, I’m sure many people would beg to differ :P

    Remember, your career is never going to wake-up next to you and tell you that he can promise you he will love you no matter what =) In fact, nothing in life is absolute, why worry so much?

    So, follow that wise man’s advice about following your heart. haha =)

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