feelin’ hot hot hot

Feelin’ hot hot hot … Finally! Summer has arrived… and I already see tan lines… *eeek I feel like I’m going to actually get a tan this year whether I like it or not *slaps on the sunscreen… my poor freckles :(

Anyway – It seems like I haven’t blogged about life in a while.. so here’s a quick rewind about my Victoria Day weekend:

  • Friday: Downtown T.O with AW + JC and old high school friends… blast from the past; ventured to a condo on the 29th floor (nice view!), dinner @ Everest and yogurt dessert at Blush Berry *mmm mmm good :)
  • Saturday: Shopping with mommy @ Sherway Gardens =] and dinner with relatives + grandparents
  • Sunday: Shopped at Square One ? No idea what I did… Wow, can’t remember… oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY S.CHOW.
  • Monday: Failed at baking cute croissants… they turned out like little biscuits *sigh… but still yummy! Back to Waterloo and then wings @ Morty’s with good friends :) and heard fireworks from the basement… yep!

feelin’ hot hot hot

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