remember me.

a photograph from my childhood back in Manitoba :) thought it  might be amusing…
(yes… that’s me with the rosy cheeks and the bowl hair cut… HA!)
just felt like sharing and pointing out the fact that my mom’s hair is so triangular in this photo.. *teehee oh mommy!
I believe it was my birthday… but there are WAY too many candles to make any sense whatsoever… ???

& that would be my dearest great grandmother to the left …
I miss you… but I know you’re watching over us, everyday… =*)

p.s. Dear Colbie Caillat … I love your song – “I Never Told You” … music to my ears.

remember me.

2 thoughts on “remember me.

  1. may says:

    i think my mom had the EXACT same hairstyle too HAHAHAHA it was popular for mommies in the 90’s maybe??? =p

    1. ya…. triangular hair was probably “in” :P haahaa…. our kids will probably be making fun of our hairstyles…. when they look at our photos… *goshh.

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