dear fatigue – go away.

oww – still feeling a slight pain in my leg when I pulled a muscle yesterday after my cardio :(
I will have to do a longer stretch / warm-up next time, I suppose?
ugh… feeling *yawn* tired…  and it’s only 2PM in the afternoon, but my mind feels drained today.
tired of the world moving, while I’m standing still…. whatever that means.
nothing is actually even on my mind… my mind’s just either drawing a blank or it’s working in slow-motion today – HA!
sometimes lying down is the best medicine to fatigue.
no more sleeping late – promise to self.
(hopefully the “friends” upstairs… co-operate with me!)
but apparently… I always get this feeling when I wake-up on the wrong side of my bed.
or when I actually snooze some more after ignoring my alarm and have a vivid dream… =S

zzz zzz

dear fatigue – go away.

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