begin again

J’adore this photograph by Cindy Loughridge (above)

I had a great weekend bonding with my dear girl friends :)
Filled with interesting conversation topics, good food & drinks (mmm sangria!), sunshine, and most importantly – an adventure around Waterloo
Days like these remind me just lucky I am to have people I can completely be myself with!
From jokes about goats to buying a bag full of fresh grapes at St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market to taking my shoes off in public and jumping for joy… these are the BEST times of University life I’ll remember :)

Also – we went to this antique store with many hidden gems – like old vintage/manual cameras! Oh examined a couple that looked rather interesting – except I knew nothing about them! Need to do some homework/research if I’m going to buy one as a more decorative item versus “use” … but how amazing would it be to use a camera that discontinued its production since the 1950’s? *ponders… I’ll be back.

Colbie Caillat – these days, you seem to be music to my ears…

begin again

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