summer festivities ahead

Because of today’s gorgeous weather… reminded me that Summer is pretty much around the corner (*crosses fingers*), which urged me to consult for a list of all the annual festivals and events for the next 3-ish months… here’s a list of events I typically aim to attend (but often fail to…. due to a gazillion summer school deadlines – which is probably the case again this year!)

In chronological order (of course!):

  • Doors Open (May 29th – 30th) – I’ve only been twice, but it’s not nearly enough! Actually missed it last year, even though I was at “home”… great opportunity to visit roof-top gardens (in my opinion!) and explore the beautiful architecture of Toronto’s cityscape…
  • Luminato (June 11th – 20th) – I haven’t been able to attend this yet, but I was captivated by Kurt Perschke’s RED BALL project :) this huge rubber ball showed up around the city “stuck” in certain places around Toronto (but in actuality, it’s been around the globe!) … I really wish I got to take a picture with it… (check out: But arts festivals are always lively :) –
  • Summerlicious (starts July 9th) – I can’t even remember if I went last year… I think I only ended up doing Winterlicious…*sigh – anyone planning to attend this year? Some highlights from last year’s best restaurants:
  • Taste of the Danforth (August 6th – 9th) – I went one year and it wasn’t too bad :) If I go again this year… I will try more Greek food *mmm lamb skewers! =]
  • Night It Up – dates TBC … night market in markham – smelly tofu? HAHA usually a pretty fun night :) I remember going last year and it was fairly cold *eeeek
summer festivities ahead

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