maybe you were right …

It’s a muggy Tuesday morning… (again!)

I was supposed to write something else here yesterday night just before I went to bed… but then my mind drifted off to dreamland… so scratch that thought.

Instead – welcome to my tumblr:

I used to re-blog posts from others privately, but why not share the inspiration instead =) Tumblr is rather addictive it’s my favourite source of photos and quotes. I’m following some awesome folks, so do check them out and well… if interesting enough, maybe you should get your own! I’ll be sure to follow-back!

xoxo – DL

maybe you were right …

7 thoughts on “maybe you were right …

  1. haine says:

    Oooo I like your tumblr site! I love reading nice quotes/images, etc. :D I can never get sick of them teehee. I save images and quotes I like anyway so reblogging is a good idea… I would start one but I’m not a regular updater-of-things person. Maybe!

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