to rant or not to rant?

Definitely didn’t get a good night’s sleep yesterday… especially with completely inconsiderate neighbours upstairs blasting their “gun-shooting-mafia-Bollywood” movie at 2AM in the morning. +____+ We went and politely talked to them this morning and the two guys that answered the door just basically stared at us blankly and said, “OK” without apologizing at all and shut the door. Whatever happened to common courtesy in this world? UGH! On top of that… they like to watch movies in the daytime and blast their surround sound… what bad luck we have this term living underneath people that apparently love to hang out in the living room with surround sound.

[I had an awful dream too! I have the tendency to not be able to wake up when I’m having a vivid dream.. so I woke up much later than I wanted this morning :( Sometimes I wonder what my subconscious is trying to tell me when I dream about people that I don’t want to see… gosh. Just get out of my head… please and thank you!]

Seems like this term, there’s a TON of marks in every class allocated for participation. Scares me a little because it requires me to get outside of my comfort zone… but, from an optimistic point of view, it will help to prepare me for the workforce come October where I should be participating in large discussions in meetings and such. oh good luck…

I feel like things in general are bugging me today.

OK I’m done.

I apologize to those that actually had to read this.
I just posted this here for me.

P.S – I like this song… it has slightly cheered me up listening to it this afternoon, I’m not sure why:

to rant or not to rant?

One thought on “to rant or not to rant?

  1. D: oooo i remember may mentioning this on FB I think. That’s kind of rude of them… did they quiet down at least? If not… REVENGE TIME!!! Throw a big party and invite all of us and we’ll make sure they don’t get to sleep hahaha.

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