mother’s day weekend

Lovely weekend back home (although the weather was crappy as ever!)

  • Lunch @ le petit dejeuner downtown Toronto ( and tried their famous eggs benedict! It was my 1st time trying eggs benedict – ever! I got the one with smoked salmon :) yummy!
  • Walked through St. Lawrence Market – haven’t been there since Grade 12 for a school trip for Writer’s Craft class… nice place to get some fresh seafood, peameal bacon and organic goodies (blueberries were like $7 for two pints!)
  • Spent Friday evening making fondue with my sister (milk and white chocolate dipped strawberries!) for our mom/grandma – success! After a batch of failed and burnt chocolate.. *cough never heat chocolate directly on a pot, always put it in a pot, raised with a metal rack, and boil the water in the pot instead!
  • Mother’s Day dinner @ Happy Garden… so stuffed, so many leftovers for me to take back to Waterloo! Hope you know you are dearly loved mommy dearest :) because we do love and appreciate you very much!
mother’s day weekend

2 thoughts on “mother’s day weekend

  1. mich says:

    Love the strawberries! Hah yeah… you always use a double boiler for it. Glad the second batch turned out nicely though!

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