dear grandparents

(This entry is rather personal to me… but maybe my thoughts will provoke some thoughts about your life)

I saw another portrait shot of  both my grandma and grandpa today. I’ve seen their photos many times, but these specific photos made me feel particularly sentimental this morning. Grandma was so beautiful and grandpa was rather dashing in my opinion. I really wish I had the opportunity to get to know them.  =( Or rather, I really wish that they got to know my sister and I … so they could know what a remarkable woman they raised in my mother to raise the both of us. Sometimes I can see similarities between my grandma’s facial characteristics and my own – it’s in the eyes, definitely. What would it have been like to have the both of you in my life? Hmm…. I’ve always wondered.

Though I’ve only known my other “set” of grandparents all my life… I’m glad I got to develop relationships with the both of them. My dad’s mother in particular, who raised my sister and I for several years… she taught us so many morals about life and gave us so many practical insights on “what to do when…” haahaa she’s an incredible woman and I would only hope that my own children in the future love and respect me as much as they do her. I think that’s why I possess this type of independent type of mindset in my day-to-day life now, I’ve been raised by so many women in the family that did it all on their own… and it’s been rather inspiring.

Just an entry to remind myself to appreciate family :) and cherish your times together… before it’s too late.

dear grandparents

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