my “summer” festivities

(Saturday evening sunset…)
  • Attended Music By The Lake yesterday with MC, WT, AT :) to listen to their friend David James Martinez live… awesome! ( Nice and cozy at the Starbucks in Port Credit… Will definitely try to go out to more live music nights… so much more entertaining in real life versus a Youtube video
  • Prince Sushi this evening with ML & GY – super duper filling and pretty yummy, overall but $$$ (
  • Sigh* my carelessness cost me $100+ for rescheduling my road test… don’t ask, please and thanks :) No, I didn’t fail… but I’d probably feel less worse if I DID – nts: learn from my mistake and always check appointments twice
  • Saw LS, KT, AK and ML at Second Cup… wonderful reunion with elementary school friends that are all heading off to their travels… safe flights and enjoy to all you girls :) Can’t wait to hear about all the fun!
  • Drove with my instructor and this driver hits our bumper on a one-lane construction zone during traffic hours… awesome….*on the bright side: no one got hurt
  • Yorkdale window-shopping with EN (long time no see!) nice to catch up with you again … Starbucks :)
  • Card games galore at Oasis with TT, BC, EM, & GY … one “unforgettable” moment LOL

my “summer” festivities

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