FIRE in Waterloo :(

My alarm went off relatively early this morning and I was still in bed… but my mom calls me and frantically says… “It’s all over the news, there’s a HUGE fire in waterloo near both universities.. you’re not near it right?” (translated from Cantonese, of course!)

Me: “No, mom it’s probably far away… I mean the UW is pretty big… we weren’t evacuated yesterday or our fire alarm didn’t go off.. I don’t think it’s close to me at all. So, don’t worry.”

I hang up the phone and realize that I’m hear some sort of water being sprayed… my first thought was, “That better not be what I think it is.” Yes, of course.. it always is. So from my 5th floor window, I have a clear line of sight of the firefighters still drenching the remains of what used to be a favourite breakfast hangout in Waterloo – Mel’s Diner. Gosh – it’s unbelievable sometimes when things just happen. Apparently, there was a big fire at 5:30AM at the plaza, with no injuries (*whew) and damage to multiple businesses in that area (Caesars, 140West, Taboo, Sugar Mountain, Mr. Sushi, etc).. cause of the fire is yet to be determined..

Needless to say, I called my mom back and told her… “so I can see the firefighters out my window putting out the remains of the fire…” wow – too close for comfort indeed!

For more info:

Oh and here’s a capture from my bedroom window at 9AM this morning:

FIRE in Waterloo :(

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