Pepsi Refresh in Canada!

“Canadians passionate about change to improve the world around them will now have the means to put their ideas into action with the arrival in Canada of the Pepsi Refresh Project. In the year ahead, Pepsi will give away more than $1 million dollars to help fund Canadians’ ideas for moving the world forward in a positive way.” – POPSOP.COM

Yes – this is a Pepsi plug-in for my company – Exciting! I remember being in the meetings with all of our agency partners when they were still narrowing what BIG idea they wanted to roll out in Canada and the US as a part of their Pepsi re-branding. Those were the BEST meetings ever with so much creativity in the room. So in some small way, I feel slightly attached to this campaign. Memories of being on the Pepsi brand team :) Hopefully, it will bring much success and positive change!

Check it out and if you have a good idea – SUBMIT ONE!

Pepsi Refresh in Canada!

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