it’s all about food, apparently

** To frequent followers: SORRY for the random layout change recently… I’ve had multiple people actually tell me it was harder to navigate with.. haahaa! I do appreciate your feedback! and so, here we are back to my favourite layout after all. cheers – DL

I’m trying to keep my posts to a minimum this week (and focus on my last two exams!)… so let’s see how this goes.
Just wanted to jot down my relaxing weekend back home :)

  • two hour bus ride back to Mississauga (ugh… traffic!) thank goodness I had my ipod on me
  • did all my groceries & ran all my errands *vroom vroom
  • lunch on Saturday with IL at Panera Bread for the first time – yummy panini, but rather $$$  (I liked how they had free WIFI, interior decor was pretty nice… selection of bread looked rather delicious too!)
  • redeemed my birthday drink @ starbucks – got a Caramel Macchiato – I will order this again! one downside: my cup did not come with a signature quote *disappointed
  • finally satisfied my much anticipated desire to eat smoked salmon this weekend – YUM!
  • helped my cousin with homework on Medieval Times… haahaa anyone want to know what  Princess did back then, apparently I learned a thing or two.
  • indulged in snacks all weekend long – I think I have no discipline when it comes to sweets :(
  • dear SKYPE: nice to meet you. haahaa fun times :)
  • OH and the rest of the time I studied my life away….. o.O

Until we meet again – enjoy some Panera Bread photos (oh and to add: they also give you a choice of an apple or a bag of chips when you order their sandwiches… I wanted the apple, but then realized they were kettle chips – & for the record, I gave the bag of chips to my sister)

it’s all about food, apparently

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