XY clothes

So it’s been a while since I’ve shopped for a guy. HA~! But once in a while I’ll browse this Korean clothing website and be like “oh that would look nice on somebody.” Never with anyone in mind, but I just like the way the outfit or piece looks :) Just sharing a couple photos I snatched from the website that I thought were rather attractive.

*Photos courtesy of: http://www.zinif.com/

I like this outfit. Cardigan, dress shirt, black skinny tie, fitted dress pants – what’s NOT to like? (about the outfit, no comment on the model)

plain, button-up, sky blue dress shirt, oh yes the 3/4 rolled up sleeves – classic. (sometimes, it’s not always about the black and white, though it often is!)

OR you can roll the sleeves down and match it with a skinny black tie (and read the newspaper while you’re at it!) This is definitely the more “going to work in the morning” look, sleek and professional. I like.

I really don’t have a thing for guys in “blue”.. it just so happens that they were predominantly blue this time? I like this outfit too. Dress shirt, with a sort of khaki pant (?) and a skinny white belt – business casual? what’s with the photographer and wanting the models to pose with newspaper rolls?

XY clothes

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