“Six things men do…”

…to get laid that science says turn women off” is the name of an article I read off a post on Xanga found here: http://www.cracked.com/article_18440_6-things-men-do-to-get-laid-that-science-says-turn-women-off.html (#1 with having the wrong name was particularly funny to me, I wonder why?)

If you’re at all interested, there is some truth to the top 5 list, but I do have some opposing views on (I won’t mention which). Ladies, any you agree or disagree on?

– P.S I was using a facial mask tonight and actually read the instructions on the back this time and it said something really funny, “If used regularly will bring emotional relieve and surprise to your life.” haahaa if only that were true, instead of some marketing hoax! Yep – I’m pretty sure that type of copy wouldn’t be approved here in Canada :P

– P.P.S Awesome Pocky cake.. I want it !!!

“Six things men do…”

2 thoughts on ““Six things men do…”

  1. !Playboy says:

    LOL some of the stuff is pretty funny “what’s your address? (while looking at an attractive women) I don’t know…”

    wonder how much is true though

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