seize the day

gorgeous sunshine this morning.
just like the past two days :)
woke up feeling sort of tired (and to the sounds of construction.. ugh!), but thank goodness for 張敬軒.
his songs have managed to pick up my spirits :)
i’m particularly enjoying his  不吐不快 song today!

anyway, i remembered this conversation i had recently with a good friend of mine.
she asked me: “you aren’t afraid?”
and then my answer was something along the lines of I probably am, but I’m not sure really what I have to lose anymore? I mean, I feel like I have a good grasp on what I want, what I’m looking, and what I don’t.
so, it’s the matter of just finding something worthwhile, taking the plunge and well, seizing the opportunity.
especially when they come knocking on your door.
so, I’m quite happy with myself and my “more realistic” mindset about everything.
I guess you can say that with age and experience really does come wisdom.
(hopefully, we can all age gracefully too!)
but life’s short – just remember that.

seize the day

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