fresh off the press

Following a few new websites/blogs lately, just thought I’d share:

1.) The Traveling Hungryboy (Recommended by my friend Ivan) – A globe-trotter that indulges in gastronomical affairs and plans his trips around food rather than sightseeing spots! How lucky is he! XD

2.) All Things Cool ( – pretty self-explanatory, found some nifty innovations here ;) Although, some product designs are definitely form > function… I’d want the best of both worlds XD heehee “roller” coasters, how cute!

3.) BOOOOOOM – ( has a great urban-feel to the content.. if you venture into the PROJECTS! section, they’re working on something called “Small Victories” – which intends to be a collection of 4×6 prints submitted by people celebrating “everyday” and all the little moments that make life worth living. :) Love the idea. *teehee, if I can develop my Holga or Diana photos in time (April 30th) I will definitely send one off to them… Photos will be on display at the Above Second Gallery in HK in May.

4.) Le Blog de Betty ( this fashion blog is in French (so I’m not sure how I came across it in the first place!), but I’m liking some of her photos and sense of style… maybe you do too?

5.) LOOKBOOK ( for your daily dose of fashion inspiration. I’m not hugely into fashion at all, but just curious to know what’s out there :) Enjoy!

GREAT post about creative and unusual cakes!!! WOW, you must check it out! :)
Hmmm… my favourites from the bunch: Canon cake and the Sushi cake

fresh off the press

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