do you ever?

sometimes I randomly miss the little things…

  • when you’re not feeling well, someone will ask: “are you OK?” (because your well-being matters to them)
  • when you’re home from work, someone might ask: “how was your day?” (because they genuinely want to be a part of your life, even if they couldn’t be there to share it with you)
  • when you’re tired or mentally exhausted, you can have a shoulder to lean on (emotionally or well… literally)
  • before you fall asleep, someone wants to be the last person to say “good-night” and the first to say, “good morning”
  • when you  have troubles, someone will want to “munch” them away
  • when you don’t want to speak, someone will sit there silently with you and understand exactly what’s going on inside your head without a word

I miss that.
I miss mattering to someone.

do you ever?

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