say good-bye to FB

so, ML and I said we’d give something up during the exam period… just for FUN (so until April 23rd!). I decided that I’m going to give up Facebook – HA!  I know what you’re thinking… I’m going to feel so disconnected from the social circle, but that’s OKAY! I mean, this might give me a chance to remember what life was like before the invention of social networks. Besides, lots of people aren’t active on Facebook anymore… Guess you could say I won’t feel like I’m missing much. anyways, happy studying everyone :)

p.s. dude-who-lives-across-the-building-from-my-window: I AM GOING TO KEEP MY BLINDS UP everyday this month, so you can keep hiding! ugh, random Asian dude, your actions totally bug me! I’m glad that I’m moving come May.

p.p.s. my upper left jaw has been hurting for almost two weeks now and my house mate thinks that I probably have some type of infection because he’s experienced something similar before. AND on top of that, I probably can’t take any medication to make it go away… apparently, the best remedy is sleep, rest-well, eating healthy, etc. PERFECT timing for exam studying where all I can pretty much look forward to is well, none of the above. I think this semester I’ve really failed at prioritizing my health first and foremost – mom would not be proud. :(

p.p.p.s. throughly enjoying songs by lady antebellum including this one:

say good-bye to FB

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