open your eyes

I’ve probably shared this already in a previous post, but I came across this Snow Patrol song and thought I’d talk about it again. Something I love is being in the front passenger seat and just cruising down some endless road with someone special :) I’m not sure why it’s particularly comforting, but I guess from past experiences… it’s a really nice feeling to know that you and someone are moving in the same direction “together,” despite not knowing exactly where you’re going. Especially at night, where every where you look are endless lights and the stars in the sky… How romantic? HA! I think this sense of comfort also stems from my childhood… my parents have done a few road trips with my sister and I when we were little, so I’d always fall asleep in the car so much more easily than anywhere else. Too bad that isn’t the case anymore :( happy cruising, everybody!

open your eyes

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