“recovery” weekend

So, after an insane week of work I have dubbed this Easter weekend – my “recovery” weekend – where I get some good rest and recharge before the exam period (definitely needed!)

Finally – home sweet home :)

Festivities to date (will continue to add as the weekend progresses):

  • long drive home from waterloo – oh traffic! but such beautiful weather…
  • picked up 150 hard copy photos :) they weren’t all mine, of course!
  • watched Bounty Hunter with ML – I liked it! mmm popcorn
  • visited great grandma’s grave <3
  • day in Markham with my favourite girls (new Malaysian restaurant for lunch, pmall/fmp shopping, taro waffle ice cream, mango milk tea, new sticker photos, new city restaurant for dinner…!)

  • To be continued…

Secretly took this photo of Stitch @ One’s Better Living (they don’t let people take pictures in the store, but we found a way around that!) … every time I venture into the store and see him sitting there I think ugh, he’s so cute :) one day, you will be mine… maybe? XD

“recovery” weekend

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