it’s over!

the week of  “2 final reports + 3 presentations + 1 final take-home exam” is finally over and done with! *thank goodness
it was probably the 1-week in my life where I slept that LEAST! (and unfortunately, the bags under my eyes are living proof of my lack of zzz zzz!) sigh, too bad we can never “make up” for the lack of sleep.

so, not sure how when or how well the marks will be for the projects/presentations mentioned above, but I’m crossing fingers that I’ll do OK. Ugh, definitely disappointed at my take-home because I just didn’t have enough time to give it my all – don’t you hate when that happens? when you know you aren’t handing something in that is the best representation of your abilities. I do. (also bummed because I was probably going into the exam with the highest mark out of all 5 of my classes this semester, so my professor will definitely be like: “WHATTT IS THIS!?! – sigh) well, won’t try to dwell on it too much… it’s too late now. Just need to remember to work ahead, minimize distractions, and time manage better~!

it’s over!

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